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Welcome to Huntington Beach RACES

Huntington Beach RACES volunteers operate under the authority of the Huntington Beach Fire Department, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Office. The goal of RACES is to provide auxiliary communications services (ACS) to the City in the event of a significant emergency in Huntington Beach.

During times of emergency, our members may be called upon to exchange messages between key locations such as fire stations, police stations, hospitals, schools, public works facilities and other city resources. Our members are trained in the use of various communications modes and use the best available means to provide auxiliary communications. All RACES volunteer members provide and operate their own equipment.

The membership of HB RACES is screened and is required to maintain competency in communications, technology and emergency response processes through participation in regular training, drills and community events.  All applicants must pass a thorough background check conducted by the Huntington Beach Police Department.

Take a look around this website to learn more about Huntington Beach RACES.

Want to join HB RACES?

To participate in HB RACES, you must:
• Want to help your community in time of need
• Have an amateur radio operators license
• Have a portable (HT) 2m/70cm radio
• Available for emergency call-outs
• Available for special events
• Attend monthly meetings at City Hall
• Participate in weekly on-air radio net
• Live or work in Huntington Beach
• Be at least 18 years old
• Pass a background check by HBPD

Please contact us to inquire about joining HB RACES
Phone: 714-375-5178  /  E-mail:  info@hbraces.org

HB RACES Weekly Net
Mondays at 7:15 PM
2m & 70cm Roll Calls
(70cm net follows 2m net)
Visitor check-ins are welcome

HB CERT Weekly Net

Starting January 2, 2023
CERT will join the weekly
RACES net on Monday nights

Repeater Frequencies
2m: 145.140 (-600 Khz) 110.9 Hz
AllStar: 49372  / EchoLink: W6HBR-R
70cm: 447.940 (-5 Mhz) 100.0 Hz
AllStar: 49374  / EchoLink: W6HBR-L