Dedicated to serving Huntington Beach RACES, CERT and the local HAM radio community.

Weekly NET Schedules

HB RACES Weekly Net
Mondays at 7:15 PM
2m & 70cm Roll Calls
(70cm net follows 2m net)

HB CERT Weekly Net
Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
2m Roll Call Only

Visitors are welcome to both nets.
(Please wait for visitor call request.)

Repeater Frequencies

2m: 145.140 Mhz (-600 Khz) 110.9 Hz
AllStar Node: 49370
EchoLink Node: W6HBR-R

70cm : 447.940 Mhz (-5 Mhz) 100.0 Hz



W6HBR - HB Radio Club

The HB Radio Club was formed for the purpose of having a team of members to provide repeater support for HB RACES & HB CERT.

Starting in 2019, W6HBR will become the repeater trustee and assume the management of the HB RACES repeater operations from WD6AWP. 


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